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Vintage Football is released!!!

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                The most Comprehensive and User Friendly Sports Card Checklist you have EVER seen!!!

The Stadium Events Sports Card Checklist is designed to make card collecting easy.  The Spiral binder allows you to flip to a particular set, and creates a flat surface for writing.  The larger primary sets have their own page, whereas the smaller subsets are shared with 2 or 3 per page.  Quite a few of the sets have sample cards for quick identification.  Some of the sets are unnumbered so you will only see blank squares – the names can be written next to the square for identification.  There are additional blank squares on each page to inventory cards that do not have numbers (Checklists, etc), and blank pages spaced throughout the book for additional notes.

The Stadium Events Sports Card Checklist allows for easy access and editing of cards you need and cards you have.   It is a great tool to use while you are attending Card Shows and visiting Card Stores.

Quick and easy access to the cards you are searching for, and the cards you already have!!!

345 Sets and 178 Photos are captured in the Vintage Football Checklist. 





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